A pressure washer is one of the most commonly used cleaning devices on commercial and household levels and is divided into two main types; gas & electric. The basic working principle of both types is the same where water pressure is being used for the cleaning.

Electric pressure washers are more closely associated with the home or small-scale use where the common people deal with them rather than any professional. These washers are quite convenient to use; still, you need a proper guide to deal with these pressure washers because a single mistake can lead to mild to serious consequences.

So, here we will provide you with a very easy and basic guideline that will help you set up and use your electric pressure washer. If you are interested in learning, read till the end.

Let’s begin!

Step 1 – Check & Test the Garden Hose

The Garden hose is the water supply way to the pressure washer. So, it should be clean from any debris and should not be damaged or leak. The first thing you need to do is connect your hose with any tap and let the water flow for about a minute.

It’s the best way to remove anything in the hose & to check the damage and leak in the pipe. After checking the hose, now you can move on to your main equipment, “the electric pressure washer.”

Step 2 – Connection of Hose and Washer

After checking your hose, the next step is to connect the hose with the pressure washer. The effectiveness of a pressure washer is mainly dependent on its water supply. So, you need to make sure to tighten up the connection.

Step 3 – Attachment of High-Pressure Hose and Pressure Washer

In the pressure washers, two different hoses are used for the water receiver and the water spreader. So, here we are talking about the 2nd one. A high-pressure hose that you’ll attach with the washer has a gun/wand on its other side. This gun releases the pressured water that you use.

Step 4 – Attach the Spray Gun to the High-Pressure Hose

The high-pressure hose has a gun/wand in one hand. So, after connecting the washer with the hose, you need to set the gun/wand up on the other end of the hose. Gun might be available in more than one-pieces; make sure to connect them all according to the given guideline. Ensure that your connections are tight for safety.

Step 5 – The Connection of Gun with the Nozzle

A very important part of the pressure washer is “the nozzle .”The entire pressure washer comes up with five different nozzles having different pressure levels. Make sure to connect the one you need.

Step 6 – Fill Detergent; If Needed

This step is optional, depending on your need. Fill in what and how much you need.

Step 7 – Connect with the Power Source; The Electricity

In electric pressure washers, having a power source at your working place is very important. While setting up the power source, ensure to go for only the GFCI power socket because these sockets are the safest while working with the water.

Step 8 – You Can Start After Turning On the Water

Last but not least, after setting up everything, turn on the water and carefully use the electric pressure washer.

The Closing

Here we have described the basic steps of setting up your pressure washer, especially the electric one. No matter which type you will use, safety should be your priority. You can check the safety precautions guide on the internet that is needed while working with the pressure washers.


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