There are many ways you can choose to earn coins. One of them is to snipe players on the “Transfer Market”. And sticking to this technique surely works. All you need is to buy cheap players for selling them at higher prices later. You can make tons of fifa 23 coins ps4 and a huge profit with it. Firstly, you need to set the filters on the “Market”. It will indicate that you are looking for players from each category, low to high for buying them. Don’t leave any player behind, even if he is new or hasn’t been famous. After that, see the market rates and buy them quickly. Sell them to any of your friends or to an online store for big bucks.

Let’s take an example, if Ronaldo is worth 200k and you find him at 50k at the start, buy him. You will ultimately 150k coins more than before which is a huge margin. If you keep doing it for hours, you will end up becoming a billionaire in terms of coins. More coins will let you snipe more players and vice versa. So, take the benefit of the coins to the fullest.

Should you invest in SBCs or Dynamic Cards?

FIFA also provides you with the option to buy Dynamic Cards. But you will have to forget them after you end up buying them. Just wait for their value to increase and then sell them. But no one knows when their value rises up. So, it is more like a Do or Die situation. But proper research will surely lead you to better players as well as profitable dynamic cards.

You may also buy “SBC Fodders” for players having ratings in the range of 85 and 90. Start investing in cheaper players, use them for SBCs to increase their value and to earn coins. It will also help you bring new players if previous ones get blocked or kicked out because of any violation. And once you use them, for completing SBCs, you can sell them.

SBCs are also helpful in building stronger teams and having expensive players. You will also have the option to replace a player with a better one. Not like players will perform by themselves. They will just perform depending on how expensive they are. So, keep tradable SBCs in your mind.

How to play FIFA Ultimate Team Draft?

FUT Draft is another way of making coins and most people are unaware of this fact. This requires you to select your formation as well as the players you want in upcoming matches. And if you manage to win those matches, you’ll be rewarded. Just wait for your turn and use it in the best possible manner.

You can’t have all the best players in your team, nor you can buy such players. You will have to rely on weaker ones also. This will give you an idea about how to make winning strategies and how to implement them. Or else, keep at least a million coins to conquer any tournament with the best team.


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