The world is going crazy over Hello Kitty, and the backpack has become a permanent staple of a typical girl’s everyday life. The backpack with a Hello Kitty design is now the best way to express your love for your favorite character. Find out more by reading on!

Most people have never met Hello Kitty in person, but they know her name and face. The main reason for this is that Sanrio has successfully marketed the Hello Kitty character to all corners of the world.

The popularity of Hello Kitty merchandise has surged since 2001 when a big retail chain in Japan started carrying a hello kitty backpack and other products. Only in the United States, more than one third of licensed female toddler apparel is branded with the Hello Kitty logo, and over half of high school girls own at least one piece of clothing with her on it.

How to Dress Like a KITTY and Still Be Cute?

Kitty is a Japanese word meaning “young girl.” So when you dress in the style of a kitty, you are really dressing in the style of a young girl. You can wear anything that is cute or girly with kitties on it.

So when wearing a hello kitty backpack, it’s important to balance cuteness with practicality. So when buying your backpack, make sure to get the size and number of pockets that you need for your laptop and other items.

Today, hello kitty backpacks aren’t just for kids; in fact, back to school style with hello kitty backpack has become the norm. This is because hello kitty backpacks are cute and practical when it comes to keeping all your belongings organized.

Testing Out Trending Hello Kitty Items Right Now!

The question of whether or not it is appropriate to buy Hello Kitty themed school supplies for children who are not even born yet has been a point of contention for parents for years. In fact, there is a Hello Kitty Baby Shower tradition that was established around 25 years ago. The trend has gone on strong ever since, despite the fact that the child has not been born yet and does not have their own opinion on what they want their room to look like.

Here are some of these trendy items:

Cartoon Print Kids Backpack

Kids love cartoon prints, so do parents. This Cartoon Print Kids Backpack is the perfect combination of modern style and kid-friendly features. It has a water-resistant finish, backpack straps, side pockets for drinks & snacks, and an interior fully lined with protective foam padding to keep all your child’s things safe.

Cartoon Kindergarten Bag

Do you need a perfect gift for your toddler? This cartoon-style kindergarten bag with hello kitty print is just what you are looking for. It is made with PU leather material which is both durable and fashionable. It comes with just enough capacity for kids aged 2-3, so it will hold everything your toddler may need in school finely.

Cartoon PU Shoulder Bag

Hello, Kitty meets Melody, the mouse in this chic shoulder bag! This small bag is perfect for carrying essentials, including your phone, lipstick, or wallet. Being one of the most popular designs, it’s loaded with many details to enjoy–from the bow to the zippered top.

Get yourself and your loved ones many beautiful hello kitty bags from Aliexpress. You can be sure of amazing prices and super customer service deals.

Happy kitty, Happy you!


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