Have you ever wondered how it snows in a snow globe? Or perhaps have you wondered why this ornament was invented? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people are curious as to how this toy functions.

Well, don’t worry. Here are seven interesting facts about an empty snow globe, especially for those who want to obtain one. But before jumping to that, below is a brief history of snow globes.

Snow globes and their origins

It may come as a surprise, but the first snow globe was said to have come about accidentally. It occurred during the 1900s when Mr. Perzy, attempted to develop a brighter bulb. Back then, electrical bulbs weren’t as bright as they are now.

And in his experiment to improve that, Mr. Perzy stumbled upon what would be later known as a globally-recognized ornament. Yes, the snow globe. But how does it even work? Without any more delay, here are the most important things you need to know concerning snow globes:

1. Snows in a globe are not actual snows

Well, that’s a given. After all, the snow that falls inside the globe is not limited to only winter. The snow comes from water and a tiny amount of glycerin. It helps to slow down the glitter falling, creating the snowlike scenery everyone loves.

2. Some globes come with toxic chemicals

Many people assume that snow globes come with only water. But as previously mentioned, there’s a tiny amount of glycerin. And to prevent the liquid from freezing, some contain an antifreeze chemical that is harmful if swallowed. How long do they last?

3. Snow globes are capable of lasting for many years

With the proper care, yours can remain intact. However, if subjected to high temperature, sunlight, or a risky environment, it can dry up, fade, and even crack. Thus, you need to take proper care of them as you do your other home accessories.

4. Snow globes provide a method of refill

Taking adequate care of your snow globes will no doubt extend their lasting time. That said, over time, they tend to run out of water. They may leak, dry up, or even get affected by dust. But not to worry, that’s an easy fix. Many globes come with a plug underneath them which you can use to refill.

5. Globes aren’t just ordinary toys

While they are beloved by children, snow globes do not fall under only the ‘toy’ category. They are popular collectibles amongst tourists. And in many instances, they’ve served advertisement purposes.

6. Snow globes came from electrical bulbs

As explained earlier, the origin of today’s beloved snow globes dates back to light bulbs.

7. Not all empty snow globes come with spherical glass

Today, it is not impossible to create snow globes from the comfort of your home. You can use jars and bottles as a substitute for the sphere. And there are many plastic-made globes out there.


Are you looking to obtain a snow globe? Well, it is not out of place to do. As stated above, many have become curious about this ornament’s workings and given in to that curiosity. By doing so, they are familiar with how it operates.

The above are just a few facts concerning snow globes. If you choose to get an empty snow globe, you’ll be in the front seat to unravel more facts.


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