The presence of a wide array of brands and types of pressure washers in the market may confuse you. Pressure washers are marketed by many companies including Giraffe Tools. Pressure washers come in two board categories;

1. Electric pressure washers

2. Two in one pressure washers

Each category has various models and types which are designed for their particular function. It is the job of a user to decide which category or type best suits him. Some of the factors which could help in choosing a pressure washer are;

Nature of the surface

Each surface has a different affinity for the stains. The smooth and slippery surface of a car is refractory to dust and dirt. Consequently, such surfaces could be washed easily by mild pressure. A small-sized portable type of pressure washer would be an ideal choice.

On the other hand, the hard and rough surface of a floor allows a firm attachment of dirt and other materials. So, very strong pressure is required to remove them. An electric pressure washer (2150 PSI) or a grandfalls pressure washer (2200 PSI) would be more suitable.

Size of the area to be cleaned

The small area of a vehicle does not require a large hosepipe and a portable type pressure washer with a small retractable hosepipe will be sufficient.

On the other hand, a medium to a large-sized house requires a large hosepipe. So, pressure washers with large pipes should be chosen. The Giraffe Tools offers a hosepipe of up to 100 feet long which is enough to reach each corner of the house.


Budget is an important constraint for some users and they may compromise on other criteria to find a device within their budget. Electric pressure washers and portable pressure washers are relatively cheap. They offer a good combination of features within a limited budget. Moreover, the total stop system (TSS) in the pressure washers marketed by Giraffe Tools is optimized for reducing the cost of electricity.

Warranty and durability

Given that the pressure washers are to be used in a wet environment, their bodies are prone to rust. The Giraffe Tools is proud of its washers which are claimed to be prepared from an alloy of zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. This alloy is resistant to rust and is also lightweight.

Giraffe Tools also has an extensive network of technical service centers which provide technical services to the clients at their doorstep. A 2-year warranty also attracts the attention of potential clients.

Safety concerns

The clients are also concerned about the safety features of the pressure washers. The electric machines have the danger of electric discharge. Moreover, the development of pressure inside the pressure washer is also an important risk factor. In this regard, Giraffe Tools have equipped their machines with total stop systems which shut down the motor when it is not in use.

It also helps to relieve the pressure building inside the body.

It is the job of a user to optimize various points to select the pressure washer which suits him.


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